About me

Massimiliano Carnevale



He cooperates in the family company since the high school years.
After having earned the degree, he joins the Mismatic staff and he is involved in many offices: purchase, design, sales and marketing.


University – Politecnico di Milano

Aerospace Engineering – Major in Aerospace Structures
He writes togher with the Prof. Giuseppe Sala the lecture notes for the class of Aviation Technology. These lecture notes are still used from the students.
He graduates with a degree thesis with the title Materials for the Operational Optimisation of the Printing Machines. His supervisor is the Prof. Giuseppe Sala tenured of the Aviation Technology class. The degree thesis proposes a never discussed content at the Politecnico di Milano University.

High School – Leone XIII

Second Level College of Science
He is an editor of the school newspaper TuttoLeone. He performs the assignments of the structure and review of the news items.
The Leone XIII Educational Institute is a Jesuit school and it boasts famous old boys as Carlo Maria Martini (old Cardinal of Milan), Gabriele Albertini (old Mayor of Milan) and Mario Monti (old Italian Prime Minister).