Party-Appointed Technical Consultant for industrial machines

Party-Appointed Technical Consultant for production machines

The purpose of the Party-Appointed Technical Consultancy is to support, in the course of the investigations, the thesis of his party, in agreement with the lawyer of the same party. The Party-Appointed Technical Consultant has to provide any kind of support and information to the Court-Appointed Technical Consultant, who has been appointed by the judge of the case.

Thanks to the concepts learned during my studies in engineering and the experience gained over the years in Mismatic (manufacturer of silk screen printing equipment), I am the right person in all cases of Party-Appointed Technical Consultancy where is required expertise in the printing field: silk screen printing, decal, sublimation, lithography, offset, typography, flexo, gravure.
I render consulting both as regards to the printing technique and used machineries.
Moreover, thanks to the various plants known during the years, I can also offer a qualified Party-Appointed Technical Consultancy on all the controversies about:

  • Industrial machineries in general
  • Industrial automation
  • Robotics
  • High-tech machineries